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Welcome to our donations page. Here we list numerous local organizations and events that we feel are worthy of donating to. Should you decide to be generous and make a donation, your name will be listed here on this page FOREVER along with the dollar amount that you donated to the organization/event of your choice. 100% OF ALL DONATIONS MADE ARE HANDED OVER TO YOUR ORGANIZATION OF CHOICE - NO FEES. At the end of every year, we'll gather up all the donations and present them to each organization.

Why donate? Second to donating time, it takes money to make organizations/events run. Those Fourth of July fireworks in Hood River/Cascade Locks that you watch every year aren't cheap. Somebody, somewhere has generously donated money to help make that happen. Donating helps keeps these events recurring year after year and helps build our local community. Please consider donating some $ whether it's pocket change or big bucks. It all makes a difference and helps keep our community a great place!

Cascade Locks Fireworks Show

Gorge Special Olympics Annual Christmas Toy Drive (Non Profit) Annual Easter Egg Hunt (Non Profit) Annual Haunted House (Non Profit)

Food Banks

Haven Women's Shelter

Hood River Fireworks Show

Salvation Army

The Dalles Freedom House

The Next Door


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