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Thank you for your interest in advertising with!

Simply put, Gorge Connection offers the most cost effective advertising exposure for your business, bar none! We believe that if you pay to have your business advertised, you should GET A RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT.

While print, radio, TV, billboard and other traditional forms of advertising all have their strong points, none are able to offer rates as cheap/inexpensive as we're able to offer and here's the kicker... GorgeConnection can produce better results AND turn your advertising dollar into an investment, not a shot in the dark!

Contact one of our sales associates today to schedule a half hour meeting where we'll show you a dynamic form of advertising where you'll pay less than you do for other advertising, get more exposure and better results!

We're confident that you'll be nothing less than enamoured with what we've got to offer!

Why advertise with us? What you can expect when you advertise with

- Top flight customer service. Our friendly, no pressure sales associates listen to you, learn about your business and figure out the best placements. Furthermore, we're here to work with you even after we've taken your payment. No disappearing acts here. We know that if we don't make this relationship work that we'll be in your garbage can at renewal time. We care!

- No nickel and diming. We sell flat rate, all inclusive ads. No massive list of upsells/add-ons. You pay one flat fee and all the bells and whistles are included. (Premium "Static" Listings N/A). Running a 3 day sidewalk sale or special event? Simply drop us an email with all of the pertinent information and we'll promote it at no additional cost! (Max. 1x/Mo)

- We eliminate the need for you to have your own website! By having a page on, you can do away with the headache of paying a webmaster, paying server costs, etc. Plus, we do the online marketing for you! This variable alone makes our service worth your while!

- Your ad runs 24/7, 365 days a year. No daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc terms.

- Our reach is exponential. While your target market is the Columbia River Gorge, our website extends beyond the local area statewide, countrywide and worldwide.

- Speaking of reach, Gorge tourism is growing every year. People are discovering the beauty that our area has to offer. Almost all of those visitors are equipped with mobile devices in which if they see something cool, they'll act on impulse and google the name of the event/venue/business. There's a better than good chance that we'll be right there with a searchable page giving the reader exactly what they're looking for!

Traditional advertising vs. advertising online:

Newspaper Ads: They're expensive! Ads are usually extremely short term, not big enough and are placed in non-themed areas. Having your catering ad at the bottom of a politics related page isn't going to result in you getting customers.

A newspaper is generally something a person has to subscribe to AND has to pay for. Then, they have to wait for it to be delivered. GorgeConnection is 100% FREE, no subscription necessary and is in everybody's house 24/7, 365 days/yr.

Television: Another expensive option that makes it tough to provide a return on your investment. Some cable and satellite companies have as many as 1000 channels. You're like a needle in a haystack there. Furthermore, with the creation of the DVR, people generally fast forward through commercials!

Our readers can't fast foward through our ads. They're strategically placed/rotated so that somebody's business is always being exposed. We also place themed/targeted ads in the middle of articles, which works well!

Radio: It's tough for us to knock this medium, because frankly we love it, even if it's not the greatest option for your ad dollar. Technology has put a dent in this once powerful option with the creation of the IPOD, portable CD players, XM/Sirius radio, podcasts and more. The "30 and overs" are still listeners but the younger generation aren't and it's trending downward quickly as these "kids" have been conditioned for technology, not to mention they're big into gaming/video games. Another problem with radio is that it doesn't offer enough frequency. Generally speaking, an ad lasts 30 seconds. If a listener isn't tuned in while your ad is playing, they miss it. When your ad is online, it runs every second of every hour of every day.

Needless to say, almost everybody is on the web nowadays, making GorgeConnection the most viable option, and the trend is rising and will continue to gain market share until it becomes the absolute best option volume-wise.

Magazine Ads: Undoubtedly the most beautiful of all options, but super expensive and probably returns the least for your dollar spent. Furthermore, like newspapers, magazines are something that you have to leave your house to get, aren't themed well (lack organization - restaurants/pet kennels/sewing shops all side by side?) and can be hard to find (Empty rack/sold out).

GorgeConnection is in your house 24/7, is 100% FREE to our readers, and is themed better than all the rest. Your store will be advertised within it's proper demographic, your restaurant ad will be placed in the city in which you're targeting readers and in our restaurants section. Your landscaping business will run within the city in which you operate and in our home and garden section. Those are just a few examples of how we can be a valuable partner to your business. We'll get your ad in front of eyes that are interested in the service that you provide. It doesn't get any better than that!

In summary, we're confident that you'll get the most bang for your buck advertising


Kevin and Dan,

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