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Columbia River Gorge News

Welcome to the news section! Here you'll find noteworthy tidbits of interest about happenings within the Gorge as well as links to all the big news sites that cover the Gorge, "the rest of Oregon" and on the National/World level.

Note: is mainly a site that focuses on local events and highlights local businesses/venues with emphasis on providing a "central hub" for Gorge residents to come together to interact. News really isn't our gig (especially negative doom and gloom crap), however, we'll try to report on significant issues. We're deferring news coverage to "the pros" who are out there covering local issues 24/7. While we may one-day have thorough news coverage, we'll be linking to other local news outlets for the time being. Enjoy!

News From Around the Columbia River Gorge

Updated Local Unemployment Rates: (by County - June 2012)
Hood River: 7.7%
Sherman: 7.4%
Wasco 8.6%
Klickitat 9.2%
Skamania 10.2%

Rest in Peace: Hood River High School Sr. Forest Andrews was killed in a skateboarding accident Friday afternoon in downtown H.R. Our deepest condolences go out to his family and friends. - 6/10/11